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The Spover App supercharges Go-to-Market teams with the power of Data. Close more deals and win faster.

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Spover analyzes your Salesforce or Hubspot data to provide insights within minutes. Drive GTM team performance without worrying about the data mess.

Players Win Games. Empower Their Growth.

Lead your GTM team like Moneyball. Track key performance metrics and rep attributes over time. Manage and coach teams with data. Up-level each seller and win more.

Spover connects with CRM

Make your GTM data work for you

Forget about Data Ingestion, Data Lake, ETL, Data Warehouse, Data Viz, and all the other data jargons you don’t care to know. Spover connects to your CRM and takes care of the rest.

Easy as ABC

Connect your CRM with Spover and watch your GTM teams level-up and empowered with insights.

Rep Metrics & Performance Management

Manage your team with rep-specific and business-specific key metrics. Spover streamlines data to help you spot coaching opportunities and discussion points. Suitable for SDRs, BDRs, and Sales Engineers as well.

Rep Metrics & Performance Management
Slack & Email Distribution

Slack & Email Distribution

Effortlessly deploy actionable insights where it matters: Email, Slack, or your CRM. Customize alerts for deals, accounts, pipeline, and metrics with logic that fits your needs.

Deal Review & Alerts

Efficiently evaluate each deal and receive alerts for potential risks. Spover's Hygiene Score provides actionable insights based on pipeline best practices. Get alerted via Email or Slack for at-risk deals.

Deal review & alerts
GTM Metrics reporting

Effortless GTM Metrics Reporting

Analyze industry-standard metrics and promptly identify the root causes of revenue setbacks. Receive actionable insights via your preferred channel: Spover App, Email, or Slack.

Pipeline Management

Take control and boost confidence in your pipeline and forecast. Consolidate your team's commitments and leverage AI-generated forecast figures, driven by historical pipeline conversion data.

Pipeline Management
Metrics API and data dictionary

Metrics API & Data Dictionary

Define and implement customized metrics in minutes. Ensure consistency in business and technical definitions across your entire organization.

Data for GTM Capacity Planning

Automate tracking of crucial GTM Capacity Planning data points, such as Ramp Time, Lead Conversion, AE Quotas, and Position Changes.

White Glove Weekly Insights

Our Data Scientists review your metrics weekly, sharing the most actionable insights and providing analysis of their implications and contexts.

"In RevOps, understanding your revenue drivers and their components is crucial for business success. Spover empowers RevOps leaders to identify and address issues swiftly and proactively, ensuring a smooth operation at any company size."
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Chris Hope

Director, GTM Strategy, Analytics, Operations at Amplitude

"As Zoom's Head of Sales, I encountered challenges such as addressing deal blind spots and improving team performance. Spover offers solutions to identify and tackle these issues, guiding teams in resource allocation, optimizing revenue target achievement, and providing effective team member coaching"
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Greg Holmes

Former Head of Sales at Zoom

"Having done it myself, I know building a GTM data stack from scratch is complex, expensive, and slow. With Spover, you can rapidly generate actionable insights for GTM teams, saving a significant cost compared to in-house development. It’s a game-changer"
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Nick Robin

VP, Global Revenue Operations at Branch

"Spover simplifies the Go-to-Market process and tech stack needed for insights. As a CIO, I've longed for a simple solution to replace the complex data stack I had to build in-house. With Spover, generating actionable insights for GTM teams is effortless, boosting productivity and reducing costs"
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Sunil Madan

Former CIO at Zoom

"I've observed the challenges managers face when identifying critical areas for improvement while coaching Account Executives. Spover can empower managers, making expediting AE onboarding easier and enhancing overall AE productivity"

Ben Volkman

Former Head of SMB segment at Zoom

As a senior sales leader at Zoom, I've witnessed deals slipping at the end of the sales cycle, jeopardizing our forecast targets. Spover can guide teams in strategically allocating resources throughout the quarter, optimizing our revenue.
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Mike Lazzaroni

Former Head of Commercial Segment at Zoom

"As a RevOps Leader in a high-growth startup, obtaining essential data to empower our revenue leaders is challenging in this "Do More With Less" economic environment. Spover provides a smart solution to empower leaders and teams with data, driving higher Seller Efficiency and Revenue Success."
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Mitch January

Director of Revenue Operations, BuildOps

A platform designed for growth

The Spover App supercharges Go-to-Market teams with the power of Data. Close more deals and win faster.