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Enhances your CRM data for rapid insights. Streamline deal reviews, performance management, rep coaching, and more – all without dealing with data hassles.

Why We Built Spover

Growing revenue is a challenge, and doing so without reliable data is even tougher. Without a quick feedback loop, teams operate blindly. Drawing from our extensive experience in developing GTM data products, we recognize the cost, time, and the disconnect between data scientists and essential GTM use cases. This understanding led us to create Spover, a solution designed to address GTM needs efficiently through scalable data practices.


Meet Our Team

Henry PengHenry Peng Duotone colours

Henry Peng

CEO & Co-founder

Henry spent 4.5 years at Zoom, leading Data Science & Analytics for the self-service business and building the Data Science team alongside Derek. As one of the first 20 employees at Postmates during its Series A phase, he was pivotal in driving growth, launching new markets, and optimizing operations. Henry developed the initial driver scheduling tool, working closely with the CFO and CTO. His journey began in technology M&A, setting the stage for a data-driven career.

Eric ShaoEric Shao Duotone colours

Eric Shao

Founding Engineer

Eric weaves tech magic with a UC Berkeley computer engineering degree. During his 10+ years of experience, he has shaped success stories at Pipe17, Springshot, SmartPay Leasing, and Better Finance, Inc. Eric's skills span Javascript, Python, AWS, serverless architecture, and more. He crafts software solutions that unite e-commerce, SaaS, ERP, and logistics platforms. He has a track record of creating tech wizardry and ensures software dreams become reality.

Derek WangDerek Wang Duotone colours

Derek Wang

COO & Co-founder

Derek was the driving force behind creating data solutions for Go-To-Market teams during his 5.5-year tenure at Zoom. Collaborating closely with the CEO, Sales, RevOps, and Finance, he played a pivotal role in propelling Zoom's growth from $50M to $4B ARR. In addition, he built out Zoom's Data team with Henry during their fruitful 4-year partnership. With over a decade of experience in Tech and Operations, Derek is dedicated to empowering more teams on their path to success.

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We’re hiring!
We’re hiring!
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